Põhjala Liquid Piñata

A stoutwine blended from maple syrup, tequila, and bourbon b..

Põhjala Rye River

A malt forward session style ale brewed with malted and unma..

Põhjala Triple Barrel

A carefully blended multi-vintage barley wine. 13%

Põhjala Armchair Detective

12% Imperial Baltic Porter. A gently smoked multigrain Imper..

Põhjala Baba Tonka (collab Sofia Electric Brewing)

Thick and oily salted caramel Imperial Stout brewed with ton..

Põhjala Baltic Porter Day 2022

Worldwide Porter Day 2022 this saturday the 15th! Special re..

Põhjala Banaananen

rum BA Imperial Stout. 13,5%

Põhjala Banger

A banging Imperial Stout brewed with prunes, vanilla and hab..

Põhjala Belle Bulle

An imperial gose brewed with redcurrants and aged in Champag..

Põhjala Birthday Bänger

12.5% Imperial Stout brewed with mountains of chocolate, cac..

Põhjala Château Noir

A vinous Imperial Baltic Porter aged in 2017/2018 Bordeaux r..

Põhjala Cocobänger

A banging Imperial stout brewed with coconut and a Caturra c..

Põhjala Cold Room Hop Rub ( collab To Ol)

A hazy double IPA brewed with oat malt, and hopped with Idah..

Põhjala Cowboy Breakfast

Wild West campfire breakfast inspired imperial stout, brewed..

Põhjala Dark Times

A sweet Imperial Stout aged in a blend of Pedro Ximenez sher..

Põhjala Glen Noble

13.2% 160/- Shilling Ale. Collab with Tempest Brewing Co. A ..

Põhjala Gone Camping (collab Lervig)

An epic Imperial Stout aged in Rum, Mezcal, and Scotch for 1..

Põhjala Helge - Gluten Free Pale Ale

A gluten free hazy pale ale brewed with juicy tropical new w..

Põhjala Jätku Leiba

A rich Imperial Porter brewed with toasted rye flakes, aged ..

Põhjala Kosmos

An intergalactic IPA brewed with huge amounts of Citra and M..

Põhjala Laager

Lager 4.7% vol.
A crisp easy drinking lager brewed for ever..

Põhjala Marshmallow Island

A multigrain Imperial Baltic Porter inspired by toasted mars..

Põhjala Moonraker 5: Galaxy & Azacca

A juicy IPA brewed with barley and wheat, and hopped with Ga..

Põhjala Õhtu

An easy going porter brewed with oats and rye, bursting with..

Põhjala was founded in Tallinn, Estonia at the end of 2011 by four Estonian beer enthusiasts and home brewers.

Soon thereafter the company was joined by a Scottish head brewer, Chris Pilkington, with a few years of Brewdog experience under his belt.

The first Põhjala beer, Öö Imperial Baltic Porter, was released in the beginning of 2013 and for most of that year, our beers were contract-brewed in other breweries’ production facilities while we prepared to open our own. Construction of our first brewery was completed in April 2014 in Tallinn’s Nõmme district.

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