Porter & Stout

Põhjala Liquid Piñata

A stoutwine blended from maple syrup, tequila, and bourbon b..

Moersleutel Sanut, The Strawberry Coconut Macaron Muncher

Characterized by his barley wine demeanour, he only eats dec..

Adroit Theory The Octagonal Stairway (Ghost 1002)

Russian Imperial Stout. Less dry and roasty than the first i..

Untitled Art - Bananas Foster Stout

Smoothie Stout brewed with our friend's across the pond: Neo..

Moersleutel Willy Tonka - Maple, Vanilla, Smoked Chilli

Imperial stout with maple, vanilla and smoked chili 13%

3 Bir - Memento Mori

Coffee Stout 6,7%

Frontaal 6th Anniversary Stout

6th Anniversary Stout 12%

Moersleutel 7 Hell's

Imperial stout with shichim. Collab with Hagane (Japan)

AF Brew - Big Black Mash

A Butterscotch Imperial Stout of 10% with notes of chocolate..

AF Brew - Black February

Crimson Black Imperial Porter Barrel Aged. 14,3%

AF Brew - Grand Finale Freak Show Reunion

'Grand Finale Freak Show Reunion Reposado en Barricas Mexica..

AF Brew - La Lobotomie Cérébral 2020

Actually brewed for AF's festival, but now available. Brewed..

AF Brew - Lobotomy PX - 2021

Imperial stout 13,5% aged on PX sherry barrels.

AF Brew / Lervig - Year of Fear. Jalisco

Claustrofobic imperial stout aged in Jalisko barrels

AF Brew / Lervig Year Of Fear Kentucky

Barrel Aged stout of 14,3% abv. Collab Lervig & AF Brew.

Alchemik - Bewaffled

Imperial Pastry Stout with Rich Cacao Beans from the Dominic..

Alchemik - Dear, I miss you

Imperial Stout with Locally-Roasted Yanesha Coffee and the h..

Strange Brewing Almas Muertas

Imperial; Stout 12% Untapd 4.30

Alvinne - Mano Negra Peated Whisky BA

A new recipe of Mano Negra aged for 3 months in Peated Whisk..