Porter & Stout

Põhjala Liquid Piñata

A stoutwine blended from maple syrup, tequila, and bourbon b..

Moersleutel Sanut, The Strawberry Coconut Macaron Muncher

Characterized by his barley wine demeanour, he only eats dec..

Moersleutel Willy Tonka - Maple, Vanilla, Smoked Chilli

Imperial stout with maple, vanilla and smoked chili 13%

3 Bir - Memento Mori

Coffee Stout 6,7%

Frontaal 6th Anniversary Stout

6th Anniversary Stout 12%

Moersleutel 7 Hell's

Imperial stout with shichim. Collab with Hagane (Japan)

AF Brew - Big Black Mash

A Butterscotch Imperial Stout of 10% with notes of chocolate..

AF Brew - Black February

Crimson Black Imperial Porter Barrel Aged. 14,3%

AF Brew - Grand Finale Freak Show Reunion

'Grand Finale Freak Show Reunion Reposado en Barricas Mexica..

AF Brew - La Lobotomie Cérébral 2020

Actually brewed for AF's festival, but now available. Brewed..

AF Brew - Lobotomy PX - 2021

Imperial stout 13,5% aged on PX sherry barrels.

AF Brew / Lervig - Year of Fear. Jalisco

Claustrofobic imperial stout aged in Jalisko barrels

AF Brew / Lervig Year Of Fear Kentucky

Barrel Aged stout of 14,3% abv. Collab Lervig & AF Brew.

Alchemik - Bewaffled

Imperial Pastry Stout with Rich Cacao Beans from the Dominic..

Alchemik - Dear, I miss you

Imperial Stout with Locally-Roasted Yanesha Coffee and the h..


With a decadent combination of Dominican cacao nibs, cocoa p..

Alvinne - Mano Negra Peated Whisky BA

A new recipe of Mano Negra aged for 3 months in Peated Whisk..

Klein Duimpje American Bourbon Coffee

Imperial stout with coffee and aged on Bourbon barrels. 10%