Cranberry mix cup 300 gram

Fresh roasted nutmix with cranberries.
Mix with fresh roast..

Elitemix cup 300 gram

Our rich elitemix without peanuts. Rich nutmix with raisins,..

Indian Curry mix cup 300 gram

Lovely spiced mix with 3 sorts of peanuts, almonds, cashews ..

Luxurious nutmix salted cup 300 gram

Fresh roasted luxurious nutmix salted. Contains cashew, brow..

LUXURIOUS roasted NUTMIX - without salt CUP 300 GRAM

Fresh roasted luxurious nutmix without salt. Contains cashew..

Nuts mix with Provencal herbs - 300 gram

Our home nutmix with Provencal herbs. Lovely mix with peanut..

Nuts mix with raisins en cranberries

fresh roasted, salted nutmix with raisins and cranberries. W..

Raw nuts mix - cup 300 gram

Raw nuts mix with walnuts, Brasilnuts, cashew, almonds, haz..