Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Moersleutel Sanut, The Strawberry Coconut Macaron Muncher

Characterized by his barley wine demeanour, he only eats dec..

Moersleutel Black Forest Fruit Pie

This pastry sour is based on a rutic pie filled with fruits ..

Boundary / Moersleutel - International Bounty Hunter

Imperial Stout brewed with coconut, cocoa and cacao nibs. 10..

Brew York / Moersleutel - Fernando & Filippo

An incredibly decedent White Stout, packed full of almonds, ..

Moersleutel Canelés

Imperial Stout Freeze Distiled with rum vanilla & caramel 17..

Moersleutel Could You Pass Me The Kaasschaaf

Kaasschaaf, a Dutch tool often handed around the lunch table..

Moersleutel Could You Pass Me the Klompen

double dry-hopped with a mix of Riwaka and Eclipse for a ble..

Moersleutel Cuppa Craft

British stout with coconut 11%

Moersleutel CYPMT Insulated Cable Cutter

TIPA with fresh from the field 2022 Galaxy hops. Lined with ..

Moersleutel Daily Grind

a classic stout, light caramel aromas, and an intense roaste..

Moersleutel Daily Grind #2

For the second take on a coffee stout we kept a similar base..

Moersleutel Daily Grind #3

this time we bring you a lower roast stout, higher on carame..

Moersleutel Dark Side of the Island

Tropical Stout 10% Tropical IPA meets Stout.. with mango and..

Moersleutel Disco Dazzle 2023

It's back on stage, shiny as ever, sparkling as always. Took..

Moersleutel Fifth Dimension

5-grain freeze distilled Stout. 18%

Moersleutel Gummy Lace

Fruited sour with raspberry, lime & cherry and Lactose 5%

Moersleutel Hype Bomb

Dipa with 2 new hops: Lotus and Nectaron.