Põhjala Brewery - Tallinn, Estonia

Põhjala Liquid Piñata

A stoutwine blended from maple syrup, tequila, and bourbon b..

Põhjala Rye River

A malt forward session style ale brewed with malted and unma..

Põhjala Armchair Detective

12% Imperial Baltic Porter. A gently smoked multigrain Imper..

Põhjala Baba Tonka (collab Sofia Electric Brewing)

Thick and oily salted caramel Imperial Stout brewed with ton..

Põhjala Banaananen

rum BA Imperial Stout. 13,5%

Põhjala Birchy

A juicy DIPA brewed with toasted birch bark and hopped with ..

Põhjala Birthday Bänger

12.5% Imperial Stout brewed with mountains of chocolate, cac..

Põhjala Château Noir

A vinous Imperial Baltic Porter aged in 2017/2018 Bordeaux r..

Põhjala Cocobänger

A banging Imperial stout brewed with coconut and a Caturra c..

Põhjala Cold Room Hop Rub ( collab To Ol)

A hazy double IPA brewed with oat malt, and hopped with Idah..

Põhjala Cowboy Breakfast

Wild West campfire breakfast inspired imperial stout, brewed..

Põhjala Dark Times

A sweet Imperial Stout aged in a blend of Pedro Ximenez sher..

Põhjala Glen Noble

13.2% 160/- Shilling Ale. Collab with Tempest Brewing Co. A ..

Põhjala Gone Camping (collab Lervig)

An epic Imperial Stout aged in Rum, Mezcal, and Scotch for 1..

Põhjala Helge - Gluten Free Pale Ale

A gluten free hazy pale ale brewed with juicy tropical new w..

Põhjala Jätku Leiba

A rich Imperial Porter brewed with toasted rye flakes, aged ..

Põhjala Kosmos

An intergalactic IPA brewed with huge amounts of Citra and M..

Põhjala Laager

Lager 4.7% vol.
A crisp easy drinking lager brewed for ever..

Põhjala Marshmallow Island

A multigrain Imperial Baltic Porter inspired by toasted mars..

Põhjala Meri

A sour wheat beer brewed with coriander seeds and pink Himal..

Põhjala Moonraker 5: Galaxy & Azacca

A juicy IPA brewed with barley and wheat, and hopped with Ga..

Põhjala Õhtu

An easy going porter brewed with oats and rye, bursting with..

Põhjala Õhtu

5.5% Porter. An easy going porter brewed with oats and rye, ..