Or Tea?

Or Tea? CuBaMint

Fresh herbaltea, cucumber, sweet basil and cripy mint toppe..

Or Tea? Detoxania

Detox organic green tea with kurkuma.

Or Tea? Lychee White Peony

Organic White Tea with Lychee Flavouring In Chinese mytholog..

Or Tea? Tiffany's Breakfast

A much-loved early morning ritual for tea drinkers the whole..

Or Tea? Towering Kung Fu

Black Tea. The Kung Fu here is not about fighting, but the e..

Or Tea? TropiCoco

Tropical fruits are delicious, too good for just making a Pi..

Or Tea? Winter WonderTea (5 different winter sachets)

In the Winter Wonderland serves a very special Winter Wonder..

Or Tea? Yin Yang

In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang represents perfect balan..

De organic tea of the innovative label Or Tea? is something special. The tea-melanges are innovative and the arty packing is wonderfull to see. The packing is made from recycled material. The first class, organic Or Tea? tea grows in China and is available in beautifull packing. The nice illustrations also decorate their lovely collectable teamugs with sieve. 

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