Sori Brewing

Sori Brewing Dark Humour Club: Roasted Pecan

The celebrated Imperial Stout, Dark Humor Club, is being reb..

Sori Brewing Dark Humour Club: Oak Aged Winter Special

The notorious Dark Humor Club is being reborn in a new era! ..

Sori Brewing Hybrid Treats Vol.5: Tiramisu

Tiramisu, debatably a queen amongst desserts, and any range ..

Sori Brewing Hybrid Treats Barrel-Aged: Tiramisu (Bourbon BA)

Special release! The Bourbon Barrel-Aged version of the famo..

Sori Brewing Shadow Game XII - Hazelnut & Honeycomb Heaven Hill BA

Imperial stout with Hazelnut & Honeycomb

Sori Brewing Shadow Game XI - Irish Coffee & Maple Syrup Heaven Hill BA

Imperial stout with Irish Coffee & Maple Syrup
Alc. 12,6%

Sori Brewing Shadow Game X - Butterscotch, Cookies & Cream Heaven Hill BA

Imperial stout with Butterscotch, Cookies & Cream

Sori Brewing Laudatur (XX) 2020

Strong ale blend aged in tawny port & Heaven Hill bourbon ba..

Sori Brewing Ensemble Five

Not all great DDH IPA's are hazy!

Sori Brewing Sori Pareto 2020 The Final Release (Port BA)

The Final Release Pareto (Port Wine BA) is a monumental wee ..

Sori Brewing Livonian Crusade (Heaven Hill BA)

collab with Amager; imperial stout (12,8%abv) aged on bourbo..

Sori Brewing Livonian Crusade (Tawny Port BA)

Collab Amager. Imperial stout (11,7%alc.) barrel aged in t..