Basqueland Brewing

Basqueland Brewing 10 Vueltas

We celebrate Other Half Brewing‘s 10 laps around the sun w..

Basqueland Brewing 8 Ball - Hazy IPA

It’s a Hazy IPA fermented with London Fog yeast, which add..

Basqueland Brewing Après Ski

From ocean to mountain and back again. Basqueland is proud t..

Basqueland Brewing Coco Chango

the third incarnation of one of our most cherished stouts. S..

Basqueland Brewing Cream of Nelson

Oat Cream IPA 6,4%
Hops Nelson Sauvin

Basqueland Brewing Creamology

A fluffy and sweet base is the canvas for showcasing the aro..

Basqueland Brewing Deep Dish

Triple IPA that roars with deep aromas of lemon curd, mandar..

Basqueland Brewing El Suave

El Suave is a NE Double IPA where we’ve added Extra Pale m..

Basqueland Brewing French Toast

We’ve crafted a stout beer inspired by French Toast, incor..

Basqueland Brewing Frontoia

Brewed in collaboration with Angoulême’s Brasserie La Dé..

Basqueland Brewing Fudgesicle

The classic crunchy ice cream-inspired beer conditioned over..

Basqueland Brewing Hydra

Triple IPA. Hydra, the mythological creature with 7 heads, l..

Basqueland Brewing Jägala

A sublime IPA created in collaboration with Eero, master bre..

Basqueland Brewing Journey

A tropical explosion reminiscent of POG (Passionfruit, Orang..

Basqueland Brewing Kentucky Grand Cru

Kentucky Grand Cru is a barrel-aged Imperial Stout aged in b..

Basqueland Brewing Komodo

a Double IPA with our house yeast, complemented by a massive..

Basqueland Brewing Leichte Baskenweisse

crafted with the proprietary yeast from the German brewery G..

Basqueland Brewing Mango No.5

A little bit of Mango in my life, A little bit of Tangerine ..

Basqueland Brewing Mont Blanc (collab Outer Range)

An IPA at the pinnacle of the tropical jungle of aromas, wit..

Basqueland Brewing Mucho Mucho Citra

We’re celebrating being named Best Brewery at the Barcelon..

Basqueland Brewing Peace Crab

Developed in collaboration with yeast masters Lallemand Brew..

Basqueland Brewing Pie Eating Contest

Crafted with a colossal blend of 9 selected malts, our new I..

Basqueland Brewing Power of One

Never underestimate the power of ONE. Utilizing Yakima Chief..

Basqueland Brewing Row Row Row Your Boat

Brewed in collaboration Mumbo Jumbo from Bilbao, Oso Brew fr..

Een van de nieuwe topbrouwerijen in Europa! Daarom zijn wij ook trotse ambassadeur geworden. Dat betekent niet alleen dat we alle vertrouwen hebben in de kwaliteit, maar ook alle nieuwe bieren in ons assortiment krijgen; van kneiterverse ipa's tot top barrel-aged bieren!

Basqueland makes true-to-style, craft beers utilizing the best ingredients and techniques, from the heart of the Basque Country and for all of Europe.

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