Nieuwe bieren in ons assortiment

Salikatt - Rebreather

A High-intensity, juicy, NEDIPA, hopped with Citra and Simco..

Salikatt - Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows is a fresh and juicy New England-style IPA,..

Salikatt - Grill On Fire

Crisp, citrusy and dank West Coast IPA, meticulously brewed ..

Salikatt - Radix

The beer is based on a kettle sour, conditioned on huge amou..

Bang The Elephant Brewing Co - Whale Sounds

Geen stereotype 10% TIPA, 4.49 UNTAPPD

Bang The Elephant Brewing Co - HOBi-wan-keNOBi

Become more powerful than you can possibly imagine! Imperial..

White Dog Brewery - WILL IT FLOAT #4

Collab Basqueland. With real, unfermented fruits and cheesec..

White Dog Brewery - WILL IT FLOAT #3

Smoothie with pineapple, banana, passionfruit and mango! Van..

White Dog Brewery - MONKS

Hazy DIPA with Citra, El Dorado and Nectaron.

Dutch Bargain - 0.3 Hakuna Batata X No Waste Army

Wat hebben zoete aardappels en bier met elkaar te maken?

Dutch Bargain and De Polderjongens - Hakuna Batata

We saved 50KG of sweet potatoes which didn’t meet the reta..

Menno Olivier Brewing - Bombo

Catalan Strong Ale. Aged 6 months in whisky barrels. 11,5%

Menno Olivier Brewing - Dota

Catalan Imperial Stout. Aged 6 months Kilchoman whisky barre..

Menno Olivier Brewing - La Pell

Catalan Barley Wine. Aged 9 months in Brandy Orange barrels...

Menno Olivier Brewing - Falda

Imperial Stout with 5 spices. Cinnamon, ginger, star anis fe..

Menno Olivier Brewing - Saison

Van de oud-hoofdbrouwer van De Molen: Strong dry saison with..

Ārpus x Frontaal TDH Enigma x Vic Secret DIPA

Collab with Frontaal. Double IPA with Engima and Vic Secret ..

Hophead Brewing - Black Star Part 2 (collab Blackout Brewing)

Aged for 13 months in a Bourbon barrel, this stout was ferme..

Equilibrium Brewery - Almond Pop 2022

Almond Pop starts with a viscous base before we added toaste..

Equilibrium Brewery - Peanut Cloud

Wouldn’t it be great if the clouds were giant fluffy marsh..

Dois Corvos / Moersleutel - Still Life With Stout and Some Other Stuff

Imperial stout with hazelnut and chocolate. Made in collabor..

Basqueland Brewing Hydra

Triple IPA. Hydra, the mythological creature with 7 heads, l..
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