Hop Hooligans

Hop Hooligans Koschei: Feteasca Neagra

Romanian Wine Barrel Aged Russian Imp. Stout 11,0%

Hop Hooligans Never Over: Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged Coconut

Bourbon BA Imperial Stout with Coconut 12,0% Untappd 4.45

Hop Hooligans Never Over: Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged Vanilla

Bourbon BA Imperial Stout with vanilla 12,0% Untappd 4.38

It would be safe to say that Hop Hooligans are not only the prodigies of the Romanian craft beer scene, but also the most prolific brewery in the country. Though not the first and definitely not the largest in terms of output, they have quickly become one of the most instantly recognizable breweries on the local market.

The Hop Hooligans life motto is fairly straightforward: they only make beer that they would like to drink. Luckily for us, there’s no shortage of styles these guys are willing to try, or the kind of adjuncts they’re willing to use to spice things up a notch. So far, their beer portfolio has expanded like a ravenous yeast culture that has sniffed out some fermentable sugars, and they have approached many styles that are a first on the Romanian market: milk stouts, sours, barley wines, brut IPAs, as well as a list of adjuncts that encompasses everything you can possibly think of. Heck, their Shock Therapy IPA range alone seems wholly dedicated to trying out every hop combo available since people got tired of drinking gruit, so there’s no saying where their experiments will end.



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