Giftbox Proyecto Garnacha

PROYECTO GARNACHA - GIFTBOX Een smaakvolle giftbox met 3 Garnacha-wijnen uit diverse regio's van Spanje. Proyecto Garnachas is een project van de Vintae-groep. Inhoud: wijnen uit Ribera del Queiles, D.O. Calatayud en D.O. Priorat Projecto Garna...

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Project Garnachas of Spain pays homage to a variety that has been historically forgotten due to the complications involved in its winegrowing and making, but which the current consumer taste has recovered. Wines made with the Garnacha variety are fruity, have sweet tannins and are ideal for the current consumer.

This collection is the result of a very personal project that initiated with the search for vineyards in different areas of Spain that best reflected the essence of this variety. The result is a collection of monovarietal wines from very old vineyards that capture the concept of Terroir to perfection, as each wine expresses all the nuances and singularities typical of its area.

All these wines are made in areas near Valle del Ebro, where Garnacha originated, and it offers the optimum conditions required for this variety due to both the climate and the nature of its soils.

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